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Release notes latest version of Palo Alto

Version 5.8 July 11, 2024


  • New section called "Sticky image cards"

  • New section called "Testimonials with images"

  • Card scroll animation for the "Banner image" and "Slideshow"

  • Two new type highlights: hand-drawn circle and hand-drawn underline


  • Animation improvements for the "Promotion row" and "Grid" sections

Fixes and other improvements

  • Editions ’24 taxonomy and filter updates

  • Cumulative layout shift in the Footer

  • Optimized "Slideshow" and "Banner image" zoom animation on scroll

Version 5.7 April 25, 2024

Version 5.7.0 includes key updates in text reveal animations in banner image sections, additional layout settings for mobile layouts, support for parallax scrolling effects in ticker and footer sections, and improved loading states for a much better user experience.


  • Updated "Slideshow", "Banner image" and "Split images" animations and order of appearance when text is being revealed

  • Optimized products and columns display on mobile devices with additional layout settings in most of the sections.

  • Option for parallax scrolling effect in "Footer" for a more dynamic experience

  • Two new layout options in the "Marquee" sections combining ticker animations with a parallax effect on scrolling

  • We've updated the zoom animation on hover and implemented it in more sections and blocks.

  • Support for all HTML tags inserted from rich-text fields where text highlight decorations are used

  • Headings style and size settings for "Product recommendations", "Search pages," and size chart drawers

  • Updated loading state overlays, on opening product pages images gallery, and on changing collection filters

  • Improved default color settings in the "Buttons list" section

  • Improved upsell design for a more engaging user experience.

  • Loading animation for "Image accordions" sections for enhanced visual appeal


  • Updated body overlay animation on page load by merging "Loading icon" settings with improved "Loading overlay" settings

Fixes and other improvements

  • Added body overlay when megamenu is opened for better visibility

  • Increased readability in predictive search dialog with more proportional font sizes

  • Increased the spacing control between blocks in "Grid" sections on mobile

  • Fixed block height issue on mobile in "Promotion row" when only images are used

  • Fixed predictive search results animation issues when the page is resized

  • Improved headings spacing in "Video" sections depending on the presence of text decorations

  • Fixed collections sorting dropdown visibility when scrolling animations are disabled

  • Fixed missing slider arrows in the "Product recommendations" section

Version 5.6 March 6, 2024

Version 5.6.0 enriches the theme with improvements in section animations, with design enhancements of predictive search, rectangle swatches and footer, as well as with new sections for dynamic visual storytelling and effortless product showcasing, which not only bring value but are fun to interact with


  • New "Sticky images and text" section that utilizes vertical and horizontal layouts for engaging visual storytelling

  • New "Products with image" section to showcase both collections and product lists

  • New block in the "Footer" section for customizable designs with full-width logos

  • Parallax scrolling effect for the images in the "Overlapping images" section, which supports both multiple animation styles and adjusting the animation intensity

  • Unified hover effect for all instances where links are over the entire images

  • Enhanced loading experience of "Banner image" contents with a variety of options for the animation style

  • The Countdown Timer block can now be included in the "Banner image" sections

  • Refined styles of the search bar and the predictive search dialog box

  • Additional uppercase setting for all headings throughout the theme for easier control of their appearance

  • Improvements in rectangle swatch designs with a checkmark icon for better visibility of the active states with all colors


  • In the "Footer" and "Footer minimal" sections, the maximum number of blocks is increased

Fixes and other improvements

  • The navigation drawer is animated from the left to correspond to the position of the menu button in the header on mobile devices.

  • Adjusted spacing and balance of navigation icons in the header

  • Improved countdown timer sequential animations in both "Countdown" and "Banner image" sections

  • Updated "Size Guide" button positioning by aligning it with the last variant in size options

  • "Accent" typography is now used for tab headings in all places which can accommodate tabs, such as "Tab collections", "Product recommendations", "Search pages", and size chart drawers

  • The shimmer effect in image-loading animation now uses contrasting colors that correspond to the chosen body background color

  • Colors of the price range slider and filter remove buttons in Collection and Search pages are optimized for better visibility regardless of section color

  • The height of Promo block responds to Product grid image height settings whenever it is a single item in a row

  • Included alignment fixes for spacer lines below headings

  • Fixed search closing issues in the latest Safari versions

Version 5.5 January 22, 2024

Version 5.5 adds enhancements to the theme including new sections, typography updates, optimizations for images loading, improved animations on page load and bug fixes


  • New "Buttons list" section

  • New "Recently viewed products" section

  • Better optimization for images loading in sections with options for both mobile and desktop images for improved site speed

  • Option to include a secondary navigation menu in closer to header icons

  • Support for metaobject swatches in the Search and Discovery app


  • Added "Labels" typography settings which allow adjustments for tooltips, filter titles, product variants and form labels

  • Buttons "Add to cart" and dynamic checkout in Product pages have option to be displayed with either half or full width

  • "Product recommendations" section allows for setting up tabs with both dynamic product recommendations as well as recently viewed products

  • Header layout on mobile is improved by moving menu button on the left side and positioning the site logo in the center

  • "Announcement bar" and "Marquee" slider layouts now have arrows for navigation

Fixes and other improvements

  • Improved animations on page load for Product pages using exponential delays

  • Improved "Slideshow" animations execution and emphasized more the different animation styles

  • Updated localization form selectors styles in footer

  • Improved "Countdown" inline layout so that the main focus of section content remains in the center

  • Fixed tooltips display issues

  • Resolved display issues in product form selectors and size guide popups

  • Fixed issues with "Image with title" heights to handle collections with lots of description or without any

  • Improved "Featured collection" grid layouts for tablet devices

Version 5.4.1 - November 20, 2023

Fixes and other improvements

  • Product pages - Fixed quantity selector overlap

  • Text columns with images - Fixed scrollbar issue

  • Performance - Improved image-loading animations

Version 5.4 - November 15, 2023

Added and changed

  • Typography - A global font picker for subheadings ("Accent")

  • Color - "Background Accent" color is removed

  • Banner with text columns - New layout

  • Footer minimal - New section

  • Header - Icons can be textHeader - Dot hover effect for header top-level links

  • Marquee / Announcement bar - sections are merged and improved

  • Nav / Product grid - typography adjustments

  • Product pages - accordion blocks have heading/body styles

  • Slideshow - Highlights added for headings

  • Image with text - Changed textarea type to richtext

  • Image with text / Overlapping images - Overlay gradient added

  • Custom content - Updated textarea to richtext / Reverse blocks checkbox on mobile

  • Collection list - Image aspect ratio min value reduced

  • Text columns with images - Borders between blocks / Mobile height and layout settings


  • Product grid - Sideshow progress bar issue in Firefox is fixed

  • Header - Nav menu hover when search-popdown is opened issue is fixed

  • Video - icon appearance in Safari is fixed

  • Image with text - Fixed inline layout overflow

Version 5.3 - October 2023


  • New section - Countdown timer

  • Introduced "Uppercase" font styles


  • Improved hovering over the mega nav dropdowns

  • New design improvements for the Footer

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixed "Image with text" and "Grid" wrapper alignments

  • Fixed swatch tooltip position

Version 5.2 - September 2023


  • Main menu "letter-spacing" option for navigation

  • Featured collections - Added a "Products per row" setting

  • Added the highlight feature to the "Featured collection", "Marquee" and "Overlapping images" sections

  • Footer - Added width settings to each block to provide greater control over footer styles


  • Collection list - Made settings more user-friendly and introduced additional width controls

  • Split images - Introduced a secondary button option

Fixes and other improvements

  • Split images - Fixed an issue that was causing the "Highlight" type to not appear

Version 5.1 - July 2023

This new version of Palo Alto includes the Shopify section groups feature and focuses on general improvements to design/UX, accessibility, performance, and settings.



  • Size chart titles can be more easily customized

  • Tab collections now include a grid ratio option

  • Move accordions to blocks

  • Add lazy loading has been added to the product template

  • Hide swatches after 2 rows on the product grid and product pages

  • UX improvements for the marquee section

  • Automatically rotate through the press section

  • UX improvements for text highlights

Fixes and other improvements

  • Minor UX improvements for predictive theme search

  • Fixed bug with section height for the grid and custom content sections

  • Improved resolution of loading image

  • Minor bug fix for buttons

  • Improve UX for collection filters

Version 5.0 - May 2023

Includes the Shopify section groups feature and focuses on general improvements to design/UX, accessibility, performance, and settings.



  • Updated button settings and design

  • Updated collection filtering settings and styling

  • Product grid swatches show on over when there are more than 5

  • The collection list section now has a circle layout option

  • Typography options for collection filters

Fixes and other improvements

  • Improved performance, including video loading

  • Improved typography options in the custom content section

  • Improved accessibility

  • Improved mobile breakpoints

  • Improved quick buy design

  • Improved size chart design

  • Improved font sizing options

  • Improved color swatch design

  • Improved sub-collection section

  • Improved settings flow and visibility

  • Product grid swatches show on over with there are more than five

  • Variant labels fixed in quick buy

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