The 'Tabs' section is a versatile and user-friendly way to organize and present frequently asked questions (FAQs) or other informative content on your website. This feature-rich section allows you to create a well-structured and visually appealing display for your customers.

Key components

The tabs section includes two types of content blocks:

  • Text blocks: Ideal for creating custom content within each tab. You can add headings and detailed text to address different topics or questions.

  • Page blocks: These blocks enable you to embed content from other pages seamlessly. Simply select the page with the desired content to display it within a tab.

Configuring your section: Settings overview

  • Heading and subheading: Craft an engaging heading and provide additional context. Customize the heading and text within each block to tailor your content to your specific needs.

  • Tab customization: Personalize the appearance of your tabs by selecting a background color. Opt for either light or dark text colors to ensure readability and maintain a cohesive design. You can also enable a secondary background color if it complements your website's overall aesthetic.

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