Collection list

The collection list is an interactive showcase for your handpicked collections. With rich customization options, you can captivate your audience and urge them to explore more.

Key components

  • Layout and design: Choose to show your collection list in a row-by-row grid or as a sliding carousel. Adjust the image shape, and size, as well as the number of items per row.

  • Display essentials: For square and round blocks we recommend keeping the 1:1 aspect ratio. To make the blocks taller, move the aspect ratio slider to the right, to make them wider - adjust the slider to the left.

  • Text and call to action: Out of the box, the collection title is shown under the image for each block. You can change this from the section settings.

For the best mobile look, use a carousel to reduce the page length. Your customers will scroll less.

Configuring your section: Settings overview

The Palo Alto theme offers a variety of settings to personalize your collections list section. Here are some key features you may find useful:

  • Section settings: Customize the section heading. Change the size, shape, and style of the blocks. Change the layout of your section (grid or carousel). A separate layout option for mobile is available.

  • Block settings: Each block you add will introduce a new link to a collection page. If you don’t set a heading for each block, the collection name will be shown by default.

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