Add product list entries

Grouping products together to generate one product

In the first step, we created a set of products that were closely related to one another (referred to as siblings). For instance, in the case of our shilo boots, each color variant of the boots is an individual product. When these products are combined, they will be presented as a single product.

Next, let's group these sibling products together to form one product.

This short video will demonstrate how to create an entry that contains a list of products:

Breakdown of steps covered in video
  1. Under content -> metaobjects, choose add entry and select siblings

  2. Choose select products, and check each of the sibling products that will be used to form one product.

  3. Made any modifications: sort, delete add more. Save after completed.

  4. Modify the handle to better identify the entry name.

  5. Press save to finish.

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