Blog posts

Blog posts serve as the cornerstone of any blog, offering a platform to share knowledge, insights, and opinions in a structured format. This section offers robust settings that enable you to highlight your latest articles.

Key components

  • Layout and design: Make your section appealing with a choice between standard and photo background styles. The look should complement the overall aesthetics of your website.

  • Display essentials: Personalize what auxiliary information - like tags, author names, dates, and comment counts - appears alongside each post. Choose your default blog image and what color replaces an image if none is set, ensuring your posts always look complete.

  • Text and call to action: Define your section's heading and customize the main button to invite readers to your blog.

Configuring your section: Settings overview

Palo Alto offers a variety of settings to personalize your blog posts. Here are some key features you may find useful:

  • Content adjustment: Set the number of posts per row, the number of rows, as well as the block aspect ratio (wide, square, or tall) from the layout section settings.

  • Extra information: Choose to show the tags, author, date, and number of comments.

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