Shoppable blog posts

Highlight your latest and greatest blog posts. Use this section to generate traction and bring exposure to your blogs on any store page.

Key components

  • Heading: Craft engaging blog post titles that draw readers in and pique their interest.

  • Show tags: Choose to display tags alongside your posts for improved categorization and navigation.

Configuring your section: Settings overview

  • Width choices: Decide between a full-width padded layout or a classic page-width design, depending on your content and design goals.

  • Background options: Whether you prefer a classic background or a secondary background color, this section offers flexibility to match your brand's aesthetic.

  • Text contrast: Adjust text contrast with overlay opacity to ensure optimal readability, regardless of your background image.

  • Featured products: On desktop devices, effortlessly showcase up to three featured products alongside your blog posts.

  • Padding control: Tailor the padding at the top and bottom of your posts to create the perfect balance of visual appeal.

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