Adding a section

Adding sections is the key to building out your store pages. We have over 30 sections to choose from so take your pick!

Note: newly added sections adding appear at the bottom of your section list.

Home page

Scroll towards the bottom, above the footer and popups and click on 'add section':

When adding sections to the default templates, the sections and their content will appear on all your pages that use them.

To provide unique content for certain pages, create a new template and assign it to a page. Always create new templates on the published theme in order for them to appear as options in your Shopify admin.

Another method is to use Shopify's insert dynamic source option (metafields) to blocks and then customize content for each product in your product setup.

Product page

Navigate to any product page or choose the default product template. Click on 'add section' located above the footer and popups:

Other pages

Navigate to any page on your site or choose any template from the top drop-down. Click on 'add section' located above the footer and popups:

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