Buttons list

Buttons list is a useful tool that lets you create attractive button designs that match your brand's unique style and needs.

Key components

  • Layout: Choose how to display your buttons: in a grid or a sliding carousel. You can align your buttons to the left, center, or right for a more attractive look.

  • Heading: Adjust the text size to fit your design and pick a font that reflects your brand, from bold to elegant.

  • Button design: Choose from three button shapes: square, rounded, or pill-shaped, to ensure a consistent look. You can also adjust text size and spacing between letters for better readability and visual appeal.

Configuring your section: Settings overview

  • Color palette: Use bright colors for your buttons to make them really stand out, no matter the background. Add a border color to make your buttons even more eye-catching.

  • Mobile settings: Set a separate mobile layout for a better fit.

  • Block configuration: Utilize blocks to add more buttons across various areas of your website.

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