Custom content

Custom content offers a modular approach to building your website. This section is broken into blocks each with its own range of settings to fine-tune your content's appearance and functionality.

Key components

  • Layout and design: Show a split view using any two types of blocks or a single bigger block.

  • Display essentials: Set the section height and add a specific background to fit your store’s look.

  • Text and call to action: Most blocks come with individual settings for text, buttons, and the settings to change their size, style, and color.

Configuring your section: Settings overview

Palo Alto offers a variety of blocks to personalize your custom content section. Here are some key features you may find useful:

  • Image: Display images with alignment choices, overlay opacity, and text contrast settings.

  • Text: Incorporate text with options for custom headings, text colors, and sizes.

  • Newsletter: Engage your audience with a newsletter block featuring customizable headings and background colors.

  • Testimonial: Share customer feedback through testimonials with star ratings, custom text, and optional customer photos.

  • Product: Showcase your products with adjustable text colors and backgrounds.

  • Video: Add videos with options for alignment, overlay opacity, and customizable buttons.

  • Collection: Present your product collections with customizable headings and background colors.

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