Banner image

Present a full-width image.

A 'banner image' serves as a significant visual element at the top of a webpage. Its purpose extends beyond aesthetics. It is a multi-functional component that helps in conveying your brand, highlighting specific content, or encouraging user actions.

Key components

  • Visual aspect: The choice of image is crucial for creating a lasting impression. Ensure it aligns well with your brand and message.

  • Message conveyance: The banner can encapsulate your brand or the purpose of the webpage.

  • Call to action (CTA): If your banner incorporates a CTA, make sure it is easily identifiable but not disruptive.

Configuring your section: Settings overview

Palo Alto offers a variety of settings to personalize your banner image. Here are some key features you may find useful:

  • Image selection: Choose an image that aligns with your banner's purpose.

  • Alignment and overlay: Customize the image alignment to your preference. Additional options like color overlays can enhance readability.

  • Text settings: If your banner includes text, fine-tuning options for font, size, and alignment are available.

  • Interactive elements: Add a hyperlink or CTA button to guide users to a specific action.

Note: Use text and buttons to comply with best practices for web accessibility.

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