Overlapping images

Overlapping images is a dynamic tool that empowers you to merge images, text, and buttons creatively. Whether you want to narrate a story, exhibit products, or emphasize critical details, this section provides the means to do so.

Key components

  • Text and button: Display headlines, descriptions, and calls to action for promotions, product details, and brand messaging.

  • Image customization: Showcase products, brand imagery, or promotional visuals.

Configuring your section: Settings overview

The overlapping images section offers a range of settings to create a dynamic and engaging visual experience. Here's an overview of these settings:

  • Layout options: Determine text position and alignment to suit your design.

  • Colors and styling: Optionally use a secondary background color.

  • Section spacing: Customize section width and fine-tune top and bottom padding for content and spacing balance.

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