Text columns with images

Inspired by the blog posts section, this section allows you to create your own highlights from the theme editor without having the need to create blog posts.

Key components

  • Image: Pick an image that best represents your content.

  • Heading: Add a title or tagline for your column.

  • Text: Use rich text to describe products, share details, and more.

  • Button: Customize the button's text, link, color, style, and size.

  • Video popup: Optionally include a video link for each column and choose between light and dark text colors for video links.

Configuring your section: Settings overview

  • Text alignment: Choose between left-aligned or centered text to suit your design preferences.

  • Columns per slide: Display your content in 2 to 4 columns per slide, providing flexibility for different content sizes.

  • Equalize image heights: Maintain uniformity in image heights for a polished look.

  • Photo height: Adjust the image aspect ratio from wide to tall to create a balanced visual experience.

  • Show images: Decide whether to show images along with your text.

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