Split images

Split images section offers a creative and engaging way to present your content. This section allows you to showcase two images side by side, providing a dynamic visual contrast.

Key components

  • Layout: Tailor the height of your split images section, with options ranging from full-screen to custom pixel values, ensuring your brand's unique style is reflected. Enable mobile-specific height settings for a seamless experience on smaller screens and choose the mobile layout that suits your content best, from displaying the first block image to an inline arrangement.

  • Images: Display two images side by side with the flexibility to adjust text contrast using overlay opacity settings. Control text alignment, color, and apply highlight effects to boost the visual appeal of your section.

Configuring your section: Settings overview

  • Visual enhancement: Adjust text contrast with the overlay opacity setting to ensure readability and aesthetics. Choose the content alignment, text color, and highlight effects to make your images and text pop.

  • Call-to-action elements: Add customizable buttons with text, links, colors, styles, and sizes to guide users to desired actions.

  • Versatility and creativity: Use the 'Split images' section for a wide range of use cases, from showcasing product collections to telling brand stories and highlighting specific features.

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