Cart types

Choose the type of cart that matches your brand, services, and customer types. Palo Alto offers two cart types that you can select from:

  • Cart drawer

  • Cart page, with sections

The cart type can be easily changed in the theme settings under cart:

Cart drawer

The cart drawer in Palo Alto when selected brings easy access to the cart details with full controls for the shopper to manage items in their cart before proceeding to checkout. The check-out button at the bottom displays their order subtotal.

This popular style for mobile and desktop shoppers allows customers to quickly view and manage their cart items without disrupting their shopping flow and also simplifies the checkout process.

Cart page

The page style can be fully customized with Palo Alto's section library.


The Palo Alto cart page can include rich sections from our sections library included in the theme. You can add sections to help deliver that final message to our customers. Any of the popular sections in Palo Alto can be added to the cart page.

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