About 5.3 Release

New features and changes in Palo Alto 5.1 - 5.3

Introducing Siblings

Palo Alto now supports product siblings with metaobjects. With siblings, you can link directly to other products as product swatches. The result is rich product detail pages that only include product images for that style and also include image swatches that are automatically generated by Palo Alto:

Discover the new features of Siblings with this short video:

Size chart label

Size chart headings can now be customized. Here's a short video on how to customize it:

Tab collections

We've added the ability to adjust the image sizes in this section:

Accordion block on product pages

The accordion block has been updated to hold individual content and can be placed in different positions on your product pages:

Marquee section

We've improved the options in the scrolling Marquee section and included an image block for creative designs:

Press section

Auto-slideshow options have been added along with support for rounded corners for your logos:

These are some of the key changes in this release of Palo Alto. You'll also find various speed, UX improvements, and bug fixes.

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