Shop the look

Shop the look allows you to use images and dots to highlight specific points of your products. Use this section to create a unique way of getting your customer's attention!

Key components

  • Image: Select a captivating image as the canvas for your style creation.

  • Aspect ratio: Set a custom aspect ratio for your image, ensuring a flawless fit.

  • Product position: Position each product within the image precisely to portray your style story as envisioned.

Configuring your section: Settings overview

  • Image selection: Choose an image that best represents the style you want to showcase. Optionally set a custom aspect ratio for your image to achieve a specific visual effect.

  • Text and heading: Craft a compelling heading to draw visitors into your style story. Share additional information about the featured styles through the text section.

  • Hotspot features: Enable or disable hotspots to guide visitors through your styles. Tailor the colors of text and hotspots to align with your brand's aesthetics.

  • Section layout: Choose between a full-width padded or page-width layout to suit your design preferences. Adjust the padding for the top and bottom of the section to achieve the ideal spacing.

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