Siblings block

Add the siblings block in the theme editor

We are now ready to use the theme editor and complete the final step, which is adding the siblings block.

Video with key information and details:

Important notes and steps covered in the video
  1. Using the theme editor, add the siblings block to the product pages section.

  2. Move the block from the bottom to the desired location near other product details

  3. Choose select products (see important information 1 below)

  4. Click on the connect dynamic source icon, and choose the metaobject reference, link to products. Then choose product list.

  5. Press save to complete.

Important information - please read:

  1. If you choose products using the product list option in the block instead of using the connect dynamic source icon, those products will appear on every product in your store. Instead, we want to use the metaobject reference created in earlier steps.

  2. The Theme Editor will display the Siblings block with three blank default grey icons on all the product pages. These will not appear when viewing your store live outside of the theme editor. These three grey icons only appear on the theme editor and not to customers.

All points are covered in the video.

Tip: some very important details are covered in this video and the notes. Please review them before adding the siblings block in the theme editor.

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