Product ratings

Display options for product reviews app within Palo Alto

Palo Alto has built-in support for Shopify's product reviews app. Star ratings can be shown throughout the theme. Here are some examples:

Product detail page

Star and average rating value next to product name:

Individual reviews and forms to add a new review can be shown with Palo Alto's accordions or separate below the product description:

Collection page and product grid sections

Stars can be shown below the product name and price:

The option to enable this can be found in the collection pages section under the theme settings tab.

How to setup

Palo Alto includes quick and easy settings in the theme editor to display ratings. The main requirement is that you have the Shopify reviews app installed:

If you don't have the app installed, use this link to download it.

Theme editor settings

For the product detail page, you can easily add the rating value, star, and the number of ratings from the title and price block under the product pages section:

There are checkboxes for the following:

  • Show star rating - adds a star icon next to the rating number.

  • Show rating count - displays the number of reviews for the current product.

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