Upsell promotions

Cart and product page cross-selling

Cross-sell unique products on product pages and also the cart. When a product metafield is used, each product can have a custom list of products for cross-selling.

Product pages

Cart drawer and page

Featuring: One-click button to add an upsell product into the cart.

How to create

Begin in the Shopify admin -> settings. Click on custom data and choose products:

Overview of metafield definition

  • Define a new product metafield definition. For the name, use "upsell list".

  • For the namespace and key, change to: theme.upsell_list (important).

  • For content type, choose product (list of products).

Step 1

  • Click the add definition button to begin.

  • For the name, use "upsell list".

  • Next, change the namespace and key (usually starts with 'custom') to theme.upsell_list

  • Important: Verify you have changed the namespace and key to theme.upsell_list

  • For the content type, choose product and then list of products:

  • Use the save button to complete.

Step 2

Promotions are chosen from a list in the product setup for each product. Start by picking a product in your Shopify admin -> products, and add the upsell products you'd like to display for this product.

  • Choose a product in your product library under the Shopify admin -> products.

  • Scroll down towards the bottom, find the metafields section

  • Choose from the list of products you'd like to promote with this product.

  • Use the save button to complete.

  • Repeat for other products that will display promotions.

Step 3

  • In the theme editor, ensure that the upsell block has been added to the product template:

  • Click on the upsell block for the settings.

  • In the upsell settings, click on the connect dynamic source icon:

  • Choose the theme.upsell_list metafield you created earlier:

  • Use the save button to save your theme editor changes.

Multiple promotions can be scrolled by dragging or using the control dots below:

Basic version

If your store only requires one product to be always promoted or one set of products, you can use the basic option which will appear on all your product pages (when using the same product template).

This method allows you to easily choose one or more products and they will instantly appear as promotions for all your products. No metafields are needed!

How to

In the theme editor, click on the upsell block when viewing the product template to choose your promotions.

  • Use the select products option under the product list:

  • Choose up to three products that will be shown as promotions on all product pages:

Products can be sorted:

  • The first item will be the first promotion on all product pages using the same product template

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