About 5.7 Release

Additional information on recent Palo Alto updates

In the latest update, Palo Alto 5.7 introduces an engaging visual feature - a parallax scrolling effect for your website's Footer. This feature adds depth and movement to your webpage, creating a more dynamic user experience:

The parallax effect can be applied to both the standard Footer and the Footer minimal sections for a cohesive aesthetic across your site.

This effect is designed exclusively for desktop use to ensure optimal performance without compromising the website's loading speed on mobile devices.

Mobile column settings

Palo Alto version 5.7 enhances mobile settings, offering single and double-column customization options for enhanced flexibility.

We've added mobile column options to the following sections:

  • Blog posts, Buttons list, Collections list, Featured collection, Grid, Promotion row, Product recommendations, Recently viewed products, Shoppable blog posts, Tab collections, Testimonials, and Text columns with images


One product per row displayed on the mobile slider with the Featured collection section:

Two columns per row brings in more assets into the slider viewport:

Heading tags to customize your SEO requirements

Now, in Palo Alto, you can customize the Heading to choose your heading tags:

  • Use line-breaks in the Heading editor to create multiple rows for your headings:

Tab heading styles and size options

You can now choose from Heading, Body and Accent styles for your tab headings. Finetune the size of the text with the size slider:

We've added this feature to tabbed sections like:

  • Product recommendations

  • Search pages

  • Size chart drawers

Learn more about tabbed sized charts:

New marquee animation enhancements

We're excited to unveil two innovative layout options for the "Marquee" sections. We've added new parallax scrolling effects, offering modern design elements to improve your messaging elements throughout your store.

Additional animation improvements

We've brought new modern animation design elements to these popular sections in Palo Alto:

  • Slideshow

  • Banner image

  • Split images

The animations appear in order as each text block is revealed, resulting in a finetuned animation experience for your content.

In addition, the zoom animation for hover effects has been added to more sections and blocks throughout the theme.

Buttons list color settings

We've added additional color options to the popular "Buttons list" section in Palo Alto 5.7.

  • The section now contains a set of default colors for the buttons and the section:

  • Each block contains override color options for complete customization:

Upsell design

The upsell promotion design has been improved to help with wider layouts. The image has been moved to the left, and the spacing has been optimized for the columns.

  • Standard image, wide product form:

  • Large image, smaller product form:

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