About 5.5 Release

Additional information on recent Palo Alto updates

Buttons list - new section

Introducing a brand new section to Palo Alto - the buttons list:

This section allows you to add a customizable list of buttons that you can use as a banner to break between content or as an addition to your header.

The individual block settings are where you will find the option to change the background, text color, and border color for each block.

In the more general section settings, you will find all of the layout options and general styles for the sections such as:

Enabling grid/carousel layout. Changing the border style for the buttons. Changing the size of the buttons. Changing the number of buttons per row. Text size and letter spacing.

Recently viewed products - new section block

A new addition to our product recommendations section is the ability to add a 'Recently viewed' block. The content here will be automatically generated as customers browse trough your store.

You can easily sort them by changing the block order in the theme editor. We've also included an option to show them as tabs or stacked:

Secondary navigation menu - new option

In the header section, you can now add a secondary menu right next to the header icons:

Note: Having too many items in the header can cause the hamburger style navigation to trigger on laptops.

Labels typography - new setting

A new style of typography style, labels, allows you to set a separate style for your tooltips, filter titles, product variants, and form labels. Find these new options in the theme settings tab:

Product form buttons - new option

The 'add to cart' and dynamic checkout buttons, on product pages, have the option to be displayed with either half or full-width:

Change the size of these buttons by going into the theme settings tab (the gears icon on the side of the theme editor) and opening up the product form tab:

The announcement bar and marquee sections now have the option to toggle navigation arrows for the slider layout.

Improved image loading

Better optimization for images loading in sections with options for both mobile and desktop images for improved site speed.

Other fixes and optimization

  • Improved animations on page load for product pages using exponential delays.

  • Improved slideshow animation execution and emphasized the different animation styles.

  • Updated localization form selectors styles in the footer.

  • Improved countdown inline layout so that the main focus of section content remains in the center.

  • Fixed tooltips display issues.

  • Resolved display issues in product form selectors and size guide popups.

  • Fixed issues with image with title heights to handle collections with lots of descriptions or without any.

  • Improved featured collection grid layouts for tablet devices.

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