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Collection pages promo
In Palo Alto, you can add a promo block to your Collection pages section.

How the block works

To start, you need to open up the Theme Editor and open any Collection page.
Here, you can click on the small arrow next to the Collection pages section and choose to add a new Promo block:
The promo block allows you to change the background, heading, text, button text, button URL, and much more.
This promo is a Desktop only feature.
Note: You can choose a collection here but this will only show the promo block for the one collection. Leave the setting empty if you want the promo block to be shown on all collection pages.

Setting up multiple blocks on the same line

Only one (full) or two (half) blocks per row can be shown. To show two blocks next to each other you have to set them to be shown on the same line:
Next, make sure that all of your blocks are set to 'Half' width:
The end result should come out like this:
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Setting up multiple blocks on the same line