Palo Alto
Palo Alto 5.0

What's new in 5.0

All notable changes to Palo Alto are documented in this post.
Palo Alto 5.0 includes the Shopify section groups feature and focuses on general improvements to design/UX, accessibility, performance, and settings.
Please note that if you're coming from version 4 or older, we do not recommend moving old settings.
The Shopify section groups update required us to make changes to section settings. The old schema may not be compatible with the new version.
Please make sure that you have a backup before updating.


  • Predictive search
  • Section groups Shopify feature
  • New ‘Image banner’ section
  • New 'Image' section
  • Ability to add promotional blocks to a Featured collection
  • 'Feature' block added to product form


  • Updated button settings and design
  • Updated collection filtering settings and styling
  • Product grid swatches show on over when there are more than 5
  • Sub-collections have a circle layout option
  • Typography options for Collection filters

Fixes and other improvements

  • Improved performance, including video loading
  • Improved typography options in Custom content section
  • Improved accessibility
  • Improved mobile breakpoints
  • Improved quick buy design
  • Improved size chart design
  • Improved font sizing options
  • Improved color swatch design
  • Improved Sub-collection section
  • Improved settings flow and visibility
  • Product grid swatches show on over with there are more than 5
  • Variant labels fixed in quick buy