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Custom sections

Contact form

How It works
Add a contact form to any store page to make it quick and easy for your customers to reach you.
Customize the form by adding and removing blocks.

Custom HTML

Include custom HTML snippets to create a unique look. Add partner badges via HTML snippets easily to any of your store pages.

Custom liquid

Write liquid directly into your store pages without accessing the theme code. This is best used for short liquid snippets.

Custom content

How It works
Section settings
Block settings
A powerful section that allows for a split view of two unique blocks.
Set the height and color for this section.
This section allows the use of up to two blocks. Add more sections to use more blocks.
Select two different block types to create a unique layout. The block types are Image, Text, Newsletter, Testimonial, Product, Video, and Collection.


How It works
Section settings
Block settings
The 'Grid' section allows you to bundle different blocks together to create your own layout. You can add a mix of collections, products, images, and text to make this section your own.
Add blocks by clicking on the small arrow next to the section then clicking 'Add block'.
Add up to 6 blocks
Liquid basics
Learn all about Shopify Liquid from it's creators